Psychological boundaries, dream recall, and nightmare frequency: a new Boundary Personality Questionnaire (BPQ)

Michael Schredl, Angelika Bocklage, Judith Engelhardt, Tanja Mingebach


Hartmann’s Boundary questionnaire was developed based on research regarding the personality of nightmare sufferers. Previous research showed that boundary thinness was not only related to openness to experience but also quite strongly to neuroticism. The aim of the present study was to develop a questionnaire measuring boundaries not related to neuroticism. The Boundary Personality Questionnaire (BPQ), consisting of 20 items, showed good reliability and validity by correlating with openness to experience and nightmare frequency. However, there was a strong overlap with the conscientiousness factor that warrants further investigation of the relationship between the boundary concept and the Big Five personality traits.


Nightmare frequency; boundary thinness; dream recall frequency

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