Determining the dreamer’s gender from a single dream report: a matching study

Michael Schredl


In clinical praxis, the question as to whether it is possible – based on a dream report – to make any inferences about the characteristics of the dreamer often arises. For the present study, gender was selected for the matching task. The judges were able to match the dreamer’s gender based on a single dream report better than chance. The rate of correct decisions (57.5% to 64%), however, was not very high, so that a reliable matching for a single case is not possible. It must be concluded that even for simple characteristics more dream material is necessary to make a valid prediction. Interestingly, the female judges have been more confident in matching women’s dreams correctly than men’s dream; a findings which was not found for the male judges. Qualitative studies are necessary to identify specific dream characteristics that facilitate the correct matching.


dream content, gender differences, dream interpretation

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