Boundary Questionnaire Results and Dream Recall Among Persons Going Through Retirement

Art Funkhouser, Othmar Würmle, Karin Carnes, Peter Locher, Fabian Ramseyer, Marcel Bahro


The brief version of the Hartmann Boundary Questionnaire (BQ18) was administered twice, with nine months in between, to 102 Swiss subjects over 58 years of age going through retirement and participating in a study on the effects of dream-telling on five variables: well-being, sleep quality, sleep duration, dream recall and dream tone. The retest reliability for the BQ18 in this investigation was moderate (correlation coefficient r = 0.597, N = 102). The significant difference obtained for gender in the first test disappeared in the second one. For both test batteries there were some significant relationships with the BQ18 results and other test results but none with average dream recall. Further research will be needed to clarify the reasons for this.


Boundary questionnaire; Retest reliability; Gender; Dream recall

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