Vol 3, No 1 (April 2010)

Table of Contents


The third year for IJoDR PDF
Michael Schredl, Daniel Erlacher 1-2


Neuropsychiaric perspective and recommendations PDF
Andrew Brylowski 3-6
Lucid dreaming: Neural virtual reality as a mechanism for performance enhancement PDF
Daniel Erlacher, Heather Chapin 7-10
Psychological considerations in pursuing lucid dreaming research PDF
Jayne Isabel Gackenbach 11-12
The future of lucid dreaming treatment PDF
Josefin Ellinor Gavie, Antti Revonsuo 13-15
Why lucid dreaming could also be called paradoxical dreaming PDF
Brigitte Holzinger 16
Transcranial cortex stimulation as a novel approach for probing the neurobiology of dreams: Clinical and neuroethical implications PDF
Ahmed A. Karim 17-20
Primary and secondary consciousness during dreaming PDF
Don Kuiken 21-25
Signal-verfied lucid dreaming proves that REM sleep can support reflective consciousness PDF
Stephen LaBerge 26-27
Transcendental consciousness wakes up in dreaming and deep sleep PDF
Lynne I. Mason, David Orme-Johnson 28-32
Different kinds of subjective experience during lucid dreaming may have different neural substrates PDF
Sérgio A. Mota-Rolim, Daniel Erlacher, Adriano B.L. Tort, John F. Araujo, Sidarta Ribeiro 33-35
New perspectives for the study of lucid dreaming: From brain stimulation to philosophical theories of self-consciousness PDF
Valdas Noreika, Jennifer M. Windt, Bigna Lenggenhager, Ahmed A. Karim 36-45
Dreaming and waking: Phenomenological and biological differences PDF
Michael Schredl 46-48
Lucid and non-lucid dreaming: Thinking in networks PDF
Victor Spoormaker, Michael Czisch, Martin Dresler 49-51
Lucid dreaming: Reflections on the role of introspection PDF
Ursula Voss 52-53


An investigation among dreams with sexual imagery, romantic jealousy and relationship satisfaction PDF
Jessica Clarke, Teresa L DeCicco, Geoff Navara 54-59
The frequency of déjà vu (déjà rêve) and the effects of age, dream recall frequency and personality factors PDF
Arthur T. Funkhouser, Michael Schredl 60-64
Dream content analysis: Basic principles PDF
Michael Schredl 65-73
Is sleep-dependent memory consolidation of a visuo-motor task related to dream content? PDF
Michael Schredl, Daniel Erlacher 74-79
Content analysis on the potential significance of color in dreams: A preliminary investigation PDF
Robert J. Hoss 80-90
Frequency of sport dreams in athletes PDF
Daniel Erlacher, Michael Schredl 91-94

Book/Media Reviews

History of dream research: The dissertation “Entstehung der Träume (Origin of dreams)” of Wilhelm Weygandt published in 1893 PDF
Michael Schredl 95-97