Vol 1, No 2 (October 2008)

Table of Contents


Determining the dreamer’s gender from a single dream report: a matching study PDF
Michael Schredl 23-26
Homeostatic and Circadian Influences on Dreaming: NREM Mentation During a Short Daytime Nap PDF
Erin Wamsley, John S. Antrobus 27-33
Boundary Questionnaire Results and Dream Recall Among Persons Going Through Retirement PDF
Art Funkhouser, Othmar Würmle, Karin Carnes, Peter Locher, Fabian Ramseyer, Marcel Bahro 34-38
The Incidence of Lucid Dreaming within a Japanese University Student Sample PDF
Daniel Erlacher, Michael Schredl, Tsuneo Watanabe, Jun Yamana, Florian Gantzert 39-43
Freud’s interpretation of his own dreams in “The interpretation of dreams”: a continuity hypothesis perspective PDF
Michael Schredl 44-47