Vol 2, No 1 (April 2009)

Table of Contents


The second year for IJoDR PDF
Daniel Erlacher, Michael Schredl 1-2


Video Game Play and Consciousness Development: A Replication and Extension PDF
Jayne Isabel Gackenbach 3-11
Psychological boundaries, dream recall, and nightmare frequency: a new Boundary Personality Questionnaire (BPQ) PDF
Michael Schredl, Angelika Bocklage, Judith Engelhardt, Tanja Mingebach 12-19
The impact of early-life maltreatment on dreams of patients with insomnia PDF
Valérie Schäfer, Klaus Bader 20-28
Significance of Dreams among United Arab Emirates University Students pdf
Mohamed Omar Salem, Mohamed Abdel Latif Ragab, Said Yousif Abdel Razik 29-32
Work-related dreams as related to job and life satisfaction in hairdressers PDF
Michael Schredl, Arthur Funkhouser, Nicole Arn 33-36
Recall of a specific word list in lucid dreams – an explorative online study PDF
Daniel Erlacher 37-40