Ist der Cid ein Kartesianer? Von Psychologie und Ethik in Descartes’ „Traité des passions“ und Corneilles Le Cid

Simon Schöpf


The parallels between the works of René Descartes and Pierre Corneille have provoked vivid discussion for over a century. This article represents a twofold contribution to this tradition. First, it examines the question of whether Corneille's hero Rodrigue in “Le Cid” is compatible with Descartes’ theory of the human passions and with the ethical ideal of the homme généreux that Descartes puts forward in his “Traité des passions.” Second, it summarizes the debate stemming from Lanson's famous thesis of the “identité d'esprit” between Descartes’ “Traité des passions” and Corneille’s tragedies in 1894.




URN (PDF): - ISSN: 2191-642X