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JIABS 35/1-2 2012[2013]

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Table of Contents


Mahākāla worship in the Dali kingdom (937–1253) – A study of the Dahei tianshen daochang yi
Megan Bryson 3-69
The cult of the Buddhist dhāraṇī deity Mahāpratisarā along the Maritime Silk Route: New epigraphical and iconographic evidence from the Indonesian Archipelago PDF
Thomas Cruijsen, Arlo Griffiths, Marijke J. Klokke 75-161
Epigraphical evidence for the cult of Mahāpratisarā in the Philippines PDF
Roderick Orlina 159-169
Aśvaghoṣa and his canonical sources II – Yaśas, the Kāśyapa brothers and the Buddha’s arrival in Rājagha (Buddhacarita 16.3–71)
Vincent Eltschinger 171-224
Atha niryāṇavṛttam: Reflections on the first sūtra and the opening passages of Guṇaprabha’s Vinayasūtra and Auto-commentary – With reference to Indian and Tibetan commentaries PDF
Paul Nietupski 225-258
An elephant good to think – The Buddha in Pārileyyaka forest
Reiko Ohnuma 259-294
A Huayanist reading of the Lotus Sūtra – The case of Li Tongxuan PDF
Jin Y. Park 295-328
‘Treating the aged’ and ‘Maintaining health’ – Locating bcud len practices in the four Tibetan medical tantras PDF
Barbara Gerke 329-362
The Aṭṭhakavagga as Buddhist poetry
Eviatar Shulman 363-411
Reasoning-for-others in Candrakīrti’s Madhyamaka thought PDF
Chizuko Yoshimizu 413-444