JIABS 4/1 (1981)

Table of Contents


The Concepts of Truth and Meaning in the Buddhist Scriptures PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón 7-23
Changing the Female Body: Wise Women and the Bodhisattva Career in Some Mahāratnakūṭasūtras PDF
Nancy Schuster 24-69
Bodhi and Arahattaphala. From early Buddhism to early Mahāyāna PDF
Karel Werner 70-84

Short Papers

A Study on the Mādhyamika Method of Refutation and Its Influence on Buddhist Logic PDF
Shohei Ichimura 87-95
An Exceptional Group of Painted Buddha Figures at Ajanṭā PDF
Anand Krishna 96-100
Rune E. A. Johansson's Analysis of Citta: A Criticism PDF
Arvind Sharma 101-107

Book Reviews and Notices

Cross Currents in Early Buddhism (S. N. Dube) PDF
Narayan Hemandas Samtani 108-110
Buddha's Lions – The Lives of the Eighty-Four Siddhas (James B. Robinson) PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón 111-113
Tangles and Webs (Padmasiri de Silva) PDF
Gary W. Houston 113-114
Buddhist and Freudian Psychology (Padmasiri de Silva) PDF
Gary W. Houston 114-115
Buddhist-Christian Empathy (Joseph J. Spae) PDF
Roger Tashi Corless 115-118
The Religions of Tibet (Giuseppe Tucci) PDF
Roger R. Jackson 119-122

Notes and News

Presidential Address at the 2nd IABS Conference at Nalanda PDF
Prahlad Pradhan 128-142

ISSN: 0193-600X