JIABS 4/2 (1981)

Table of Contents


New Buddhist Sanskrit Texts from Central Asia: An Unknown fragment of the Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra PDF
Grigory Maksimovich Bongard-Levin 7-16
Buddhist Hybrid English: Some Notes on Philology and Hermeneutics for Buddhologists PDF
Paul J. Griffiths 17-32
Nonorigination and Nirvāṇa in the Early Tathāgatagarbha Literature PDF
William H. Grosnick 33-43
Multiple Dimensions of Impermanence in Dōgen's "Genjōkōan" PDF
Steven Heine 44-62
The Autobiography of a 20th-Century Rnying-ma-pa lama PDF
Alexander W. Macdonald 63-75
Metapsychology of the Abhidharma PDF
Shanta Ratnayaka 76-88

Short Papers

The Buddhist "Prodigal Son": A Story of Misperceptions PDF
Whalen W. Lai 91-98

Book Reviews

Lustful Maidens and Ascetic Kings. Buddhist and Hindu Stories of Life (C. Amore & Larry D. Shinn) PDF
Beth Simon 99-101
The Syncretic Religion of Lin Chao-en (Judith A. Berling) PDF
Bardwell L. Smith 101-102
The Memoirs of a Modern Gnostic, Parts I and II (Edward Conze) PDF
Roger R. Jackson 102-105
Buddhist Studies (J. W. de Jong) PDF
Frank E. Reynolds 106-107
Sources for a History of the bSam yas Debate (G. W. Houston) PDF
Robert A. F. Thurman 107-109
Buddhist Architecture of Western India, c. 250 BC-AD 300 (S. Nagaraju) PDF
Phil Wagoner 109-111
The Thousand Buddhas: Ancient Buddhist Paintings from the Cave-Temples of Tun-huang on the Western Frontier of China (Aurel Stein) PDF
Werner Pachow 112-114

Presidential Address

Tasks Ahead: Presidential Address Given on the Occasion of the Third Conference of The International Association of Buddhist Studies, Winnipeg, Canada, August 1980 PDF
Herbert V. Guenther 115-123