JIABS 5/1 (1982)

Table of Contents


Original Purity and the Focus of Early Yogācāra PDF
John P. Keenan 7-18
The Dragon Girl and the Abbess of Mo-Shan: Gender and Status in the Ch'an Buddhist Tradition PDF
Miriam L. Levering 19-36
The Life and Time of Paramārtha (499-569) PDF
Diana Y. Paul 37-69
Studies in Traditional Indian Medicine in the the Pāli Canon: Jīvaka and Āyurveda PDF
Kenneth G. Zysk 70-86

Short Papers

Sa skya paṇḍita's Account of the bSam yas Debate: History as Polemic PDF
Roger R. Jackson 89-99
The Text on the "Dhāraṇī Stones from Abhayagiriya": A Minor Contribution to the Study of Mahāyāna Literature in Ceylon PDF
Gregory Schopen 100-108
A Report on Buddhism in the People's Republic of China PDF
Alan Sponberg 109-117

Book Reviews and Notices

Histoire du Cycle de la Naissance et de la Mort (Yoshiro Imaeda) PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón 118-121
Theravāda Meditation: The Buddhist Transformation (Winston King) PDF
George D. Bond 121-124
Chinese Buddhism: Aspects of Interaction and Reinterpretation (W. Pachow) PDF
Whalen W. Lai 124-126
Buddhism and Society in Southeast Asia (Donald K. Swearer) PDF
Robert J. Bickner 126-127
Tantra in Tibet; Yoga in Tibet (Jeffrey Hopkins) PDF
Todd Fenner 127-130

Presidential Address

Asoka and Buddhism – A Reexamination PDF
Arthur Llewellyn Basham 131-143

Notes and News

A report o the 4th Conference of the IABS, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, U.S.A. August 7-9, 1981 PDF
Rena Haggarty 144-152

ISSN: 0193-600X