JIABS 6/1 (1983)

Table of Contents


Enlightenment in Dōgen's Zen PDF
Francis H. Cook 7-30
The Place of the Sudden Teaching within the Hua-Yen Tradition: An Investigation of the Process of Doctrinal Change PDF
Peter N. Gregory 31-60
Morality in the Visuddhimagga PDF
Damien Keown 61-75
Contemporary Lay Buddhist Movements in Japan, with Special Reference to the Lotus Sūtra PDF
Tsugunari Kubo 76-90
Before the Prajñā Schools: The Earliest Known Chinese Commentary on the Aṣṭasāhasrikā PDF
Whalen W. Lai 91-108
The Generalization of an Old Yogic Attainment in Medieval Mahāyāna Sūtra Literature: Some Notes on Jātismara PDF
Gregory Schopen 109-147

Book Reviews

The Bodhisattva Doctrine in Buddhism (ed. Leslie S. Kawamura) PDF
Lal Mani Joshi 148-151
Contributo allo Studia Biografico dei Primi Gter-Ston (Ramon Pratz) PDF
Leonard W. J. Van der Kuijp 151-154
Gedatsukai: Its Theory and Practice. A Study of a Shinto-Buddhist Syncretic School in Contemporary Japan (Minoru Kiyota) PDF
H. Byron Earhart 154-157
A Study of the Twenty-two Dialogues on Mahāyāna Buddhism (W. Pachow) PDF
Lal Mani Joshi 157-159
Zen and Christian: The Journey between (John Dykstra Busden) PDF
Gary W. Houston 159-161

Presidential Address

Presidential Address Given on the Occasion of the Fifth Conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Hertford College, Oxford, England, August 16-21, 1982 PDF
Walpola Rahula 162-166

Notes and News

A Report on the 5th Conference of the IABS, Hertford College, University of Oxford, Oxford, England, August 16-21, 1982 PDF
Rena Haggarty 167-179

ISSN: 0193-600X