JIABS 6/2 (1983)

Table of Contents


A reconstruction of the Madhyamakāvatāra's Analysis of the Person PDF
Peter G. Fenner 7-34
Cittaprakṛti and Ayoniśomanaskāra in the Ratnagotravibhāga: Precedent for the Hsin-Nien Distinction of The Awakening of Faith PDF
William H. Grosnick 35-47
An Excursus on the Subtle Body in Tantric Buddhism. Notes Contextualizing the Kālacakra PDF
Geshe Lhundup Sopa 48-66
Socio-Cultural Aspects of Theravāda Buddhism in Nepal PDF
Ramesh Chandra Tewari 67-93
The Yuktiṣaṣṭikakārikā of Nāgārjuna PDF
Fernando Tola, Carmen Dragonetti 94-123
The "Suicide" Problem in the Pāli Canon PDF
Martin G. Wiltshire 124-140

Book Reviews

Buddhist and Western Philosophy (ed. Nathan Katz) PDF
Keith E. Yandell 141-144
A Meditator's Diary (Jane Hamilton-Merritt) PDF
Vijitha Rajapakse 144-146
The Roof Tile of Tempyō (Yasushi Inoue) PDF
John P. Keenan 146-147
Les royaumes de l'Himalaya, histoire et civilisation: le Ladakh, le Bhoutan, le Sikkim, le Népal (Alexander W. Macdonald) PDF
André Bareau 147-149
Wings of the White Crane: Poems of Tshangs dbyangs rgya mtsho (1683-1706) (tr. G. W. Houston) / The Rain of Wisdom (tr. Nālandā Translation Committee, direction Chögyam Trungpa) / Songs of Spiritual Change, Seventh Dalai Lama (tr. Glenn H. Mullin) PDF
Roger R. Jackson 149-156

Notes and News

A Report on the International Seminar: Aspects of Indian Thought PDF
Amalia Pezzali 157

ISSN: 0193-600X