JIABS 7/2 (1984)

Table of Contents


The Buddhist Path to Liberation: An Analysis of the Listing of Stages PDF
Roderick S. Bucknell 7-40
Temporary Ordination in Sri Lanka PDF
Richard Gombrich 41-66
The Symbolism of the Early Stūpa PDF
Peter Harvey 67-94
Reason as the Prime Principle in Tsong kha pa's Delineation of Deity Yoga as the Demarcation Between Sūtra and Tantra PDF
Jeffrey Hopkins 95-116
Buddhism and Belief in Ātma PDF
Yuvraj Krishan 117-136
Giuseppe Tucci (1894-1984) PDF
Luciano Petech 137-142
Kokan Shiran and Musō Soseki: "Chineseness" vs. "Japaneseness" in Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Japan PDF
David Pollack 143-168
The Rasāvahinī and the Sahassavatthu: A Comparison PDF
Telwatte Rahula 169-184
A Study of the Theories of Yāvad-bhāvikatā and Yathāvad-bhāvikatā in the Abhidharmasamuccaya PDF
Ah-yueh Yeh 185-207

Book Reviews

Alone With Others. An Existential Approach to Buddhism (Stephen Batchelor) / The Way of Siddhartha: A Life of the Buddha (David J. and Indrani Kalupahana) PDF
Roger R. Jackson 208-216
The Buddha (Michael Carrithers) PDF
Paul J. Griffiths 216-218
Buddhist and Western Psychology (Nathan Katz) PDF
Paul J. Griffiths 219-223
A Lamp for the Path and Commentary (Richard Sherburne) PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón 224-226
Religious Festivals in South India and Sri Lanka (ed. Guy R. Welbon & Glenn E. Yocum) PDF
Peter Claus 226-229

Notes and News

L. M. Joshi: A Brief Communication PDF
Robert A. F. Thurman 232


John Brough (1917-1984) (Obituary) PDF
Padmanabh S. Jaini 236-238

ISSN: 0193-600X