JIABS 9/1 (1986)

Table of Contents


The Meaning of Vijñapti in Vasubandhu's Concept of Mind PDF
Bruce Cameron Hall 7-23
"Signless" Meditations in Pāli Buddhism PDF
Peter Harvey 25-52
Dōgen Casts Off "What": An Analysis of Shinjin Datsuraku PDF
Steven Heine 53-70
Buddhism and the Caste System PDF
Yuvraj Krishan 71-83
The Early Chinese Buddhist Understanding of the Psyche: Chen Hui's Commentary on the Yin Chih Ju Ching PDF
Whalen W. Lai 85-103
The Special Theory of Pratītyasamutpāda: The Cycle of Dependent Origination PDF
Geshe Lhundup Sopa 105-119

Book Reviews

Chinese Religions in Western Languages: A Comprehensive and Classified Bibliography of Publications in English, French and German through 1980 (Laurence G. Thompson) PDF
Yves Hervouet 121-122
The Cylcle of Day and Night (Namkhai Norbu) PDF
A. W. Hanson-Barber 122-123
Dharma and Gospel: Two Ways of Seeing (ed. Rev. G. W. Houston) PDF
Christopher Chapple 123-124
Meditation on Emptiness (Jeffrey Hopkins) PDF
Jan Willem De Jong 124-128
Philosophy of Mind in Sixth Century China, Paramārtha's ‘Evolution of Consciousness' (Diana Y. Paul) PDF
Jan Willem De Jong 129-133
Diana Paul Replies PDF
Diana Y. Paul 133-135
J. W. de Jong Replies PDF
Jan Willem De Jong 135-136
Seven Works of Vasubandhu: The Buddhist Psychological Doctor (Stefan Anacker) PDF
A. W. Hanson-Barber 136-138
Tsong Khapa's Speech of Gold in the Essence of True Eloquence: Reason and Enlightenment in the Central Philosophy of Tibet (Robert A. F. Thurman) PDF
Janet Gyatso 138-142


Ernst Waldschmidt (1897-1985) (Obituary) PDF
Heinz Bechert 147-149
Turrell V. Wylie (1927-1984) PDF
Roy Andrew Miller 150-155

ISSN: 0193-600X