JIABS 11/1 (1988)

Table of Contents


The Four Levels of Pratītyasamutpāda According to the Fa-hua hsüan i PDF
Carl Bielefeldt 7-29
On the Possibility of a Nonexistent Object of Consciousness: Sarvāstivādin and Dārśṭāntika Theories PDF
Collet Cox 31-87
Magical Upāya in the Vimalakīrtinirdeśa-sūtra PDF
Edward Hamlin 89-121
Buddhist Sanskrit in the Kālacakra Tantra PDF
John Newman 123-140
Two New Fragments of Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts from Central Asia PDF
Richard Salomon, Collet Cox 141-154
Some Reflections on R.S.Y. Chi's Buddhist Formal Logic PDF
Tom J.F. Tillemans 155-171

Book Reviews

Divine Revelation in Pali Buddhism (Peter Mansfield) PDF
Charles Hallisey 173-175
Studies in the Buddhist Art of South Asia (ed. A. K. Narain) PDF
Robert L. Brown 175-179
Traditions of Meditation in Chinese Buddhism (ed. Peter N. Gregory) PDF
Henrik H. Sorensen 179-184

ISSN: 0193-600X