JIABS 12/1 (1989)

Table of Contents


Hodgson's Blind Alley? On the So-called Schools of Nepalese Buddhism PDF
David N. Gellner 7-19
Truth, Contradiction and Harmony in Medieval Japan: Emperor Hanazono (1297-1348) and Buddhism PDF
Andrew Goble 21-63
The Categories of T'i, Hsiang, and Yung: Evidence that Paramārtha Composed the Awakening of Faith PDF
William H. Grosnick 65-92
Asaṅga's Understanding of Mādhyamika: Notes on the Shung-chung-lun PDF
John P. Keenan 93-107
Mahāyāna Vratas in Newar Buddhism PDF
Todd T. Lewis 109-138
The Kathāvatthu Niyāma Debates PDF
James P. McDermott 139-146

Short Papers

A Verse from the Bhadracarīpraṇidhāna in a 10th Century Inscription found at Nālandā PDF
Gregory Schopen 149-157
A Note on the Opening Formula of Buddhist Sūtras PDF
Jonathan A. Silk 158-163

Book Reviews

Die Frau im frühen Buddhismus (Renate Pitzer-Reyl) PDF
Vijitha Rajapakse 165-170
Ālayavijñāna: On the Origin and the Early Development of a Central Concept of Yogācāra Philosophy (Lambert Schmithausen) PDF
Paul J. Griffiths 170-177

ISSN: 0193-600X