JIABS 12/2 (1989)

Table of Contents


The Integration of Ch'an/Son and The Teachings (Chiao/Kyo) in Tsung-mi and Chinul PDF
Peter N. Gregory 7-19
Chinul's Ambivalent Critique of Radical Subitism in Korean Sŏn PDF
Robert E. Buswell, Jr. 20-44
Controversy Over Dharmakāya in India and Tibet: A New Interpretation of Its Basis, Abhisamayālaṃkāra, Chapter 8 PDF
John J. Makransky 45-78
Jhāna and Buddhist Scholasticism PDF
Martin Stuart-Fox 79-110

Book Reviews

Rationality and Mind in Early Buddhism (Frank J. Hoffman) PDF
Roger R. Jackson 111-122
J. W. de Jong's Review of Jeffrey Hopkins' "Meditation on Emptiness": An Exchange; Jeffrey Hopkins Replies to J. W. de Jong PDF
Jeffrey Hopkins 123-128
J. W. de Jong's Review of Jeffrey Hopkins' Meditation on Emptiness: An Exchange; J. W. de Jong Replies to Jeffrey Hopkins PDF
Jan Willem De Jong 128-129

ISSN: 0193-600X