JIABS 14/1 (1991)

Table of Contents


The Pratītyasamutpādagātha and Its Role in the Medieval Cult of the Relics PDF
Daniel Boucher 1-27
Notes in the Devotional Uses and Symbolic Functions of Sūtra Texts as Depicted in Early Chinese Buddhist Miracle Tales and Hagiographies PDF
Robert F. Campany 28-72
A Source Analysis of the Ruijing lu ("Records of Miraculous Scriptures") PDF
Koichi Shinohara 73-154
Pudgalavāda in Tibet? Assertions of Substantially Existent Selves in the Writings of Tsong-kha-pa and His Followers PDF
Joe Bransford Wilson 155-180

Book Reviews

The Dawn of Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine: Ching-ying Hui-yüan's Commentary on the Visualization Sūtra (Kenneth K. Tanaka) PDF
Allan A. Andrews 181-190
Three Recent Collections: The Buddhist Heritage (ed. Tadeusz Skorupski); Chinese Buddhist Apocrypha (ed. Robert E. Buswell, Jr.); and Reflections on Tibetan Culture (ed. Lawrence Epstein & Richard Sherburne) PDF
Roger R. Jackson 191-193

ISSN: 0193-600X