JIABS 15/1 (1992)

Table of Contents


The Violence of Non-Violence: A Study of Some Jain Responses to Non-Jain Religious Practices PDF
Phyllis Granoff 1-43
Is the Dharma-kāya the Real "Phantom Body" of the Buddha? PDF
Paul M. Harrison 44-94
Lost in China, Found in Tibet: How Wonch'uk Became the Author of the Great Chinese Commentary PDF
John Powers 95-103

An Exchange

The Theatre of Objectivity: Comments on José Cabezón's Interpretations of mKhas grub rje's and C. W. Huntington, Jr.'s Interpretations of the Tibetan Translation of a Seventh Century Indian Buddhist Text PDF
C. W. Huntington, Jr. 118-133
On Retreating to Method and Other Postmodern Turns: A Response to C. W. Huntington, Jr. PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón 134-143

Book Reviews

Choix de Documents tibétains conservés à la Bibliothèque Nationale complété par quelques manuscrits de l'India Office et du British Museum (Yoshiro Imaeda & Tsugohito Takeuchi) PDF
Alexander W. Macdonald 144-145
A Concordance of Buddhist Birth Stories (Leslie Grey) PDF
Barend A. Van Nooten 145-147

Notes and News

Report on the 10th IABS Conference PDF
Alexander W. Macdonald 148

Presidential Address

Some Observations on the Present and Future of Buddhist Studies PDF
David Seyfort Ruegg 104-117

ISSN: 0193-600X