JIABS 17/1 (1994)

Table of Contents


What Else Remains in Śūnyatā? An Investigation of Terms for Mental Imagery in the Madhyāntavibhāga-Corpus PDF
Hugh B. Urban, Paul J. Griffiths 1-25
Anti-Chan Polemics in Post Tang Tiantai PDF
Brook Ziporyn 26-65
Yuan-wu K'o-ch'in's (1063-1135) Teaching of Ch'an Kung-an Practice: A Transition from the Literary Study of Ch'an Kung-an to the Practical K'an-hua Ch'an PDF
Ding-Hwa Evelyn Hsieh 66-95
Hōnen and Popular Pure Land Piety: Assimilation and Transformation PDF
Allan A. Andrews 96-110
Guenther's Saraha: A Detailed Review of Ecstatic Spontaneity PDF
Roger R. Jackson 111-143

ISSN: 0193-600X