On Maṇḍalas (19/2, 1996)

Table of Contents


Preface PDF
Frank E. Reynolds 177-180
The Maṇḍala at Ellora / Ellora in the Maṇḍala PDF
Geri H. Malandra 181-207
Maṇḍalas on the Move: Reflections from Chinese Esoteric Buddhism Circa 800 C.E. PDF
Charles D. Orzech 209-244
Maṇḍala, Maṇḍala on the Wall: Variations of Usage in the Shingon School PDF
David L. Gardiner 245-279
Reevaluating the Eight-Ninth Century Pāla Milieu: Icono-Conservatism and the Persistence of Śākyamuni PDF
Jacob N. Kinnard 281-300
The Moves Maṇḍalas Make PDF
John S. Strong 301-312