JIABS 22/2 (1999)

Table of Contents


Politics of Higher Ordination, Buddhist Monastic Identitiy, and Leadership at the Dambulla Temple in Sri Lanka PDF
Ananda Abeysekara 255-280
Looking for the Vinaya: Monastic Discipline in the Practical Canons of the Theravāda PDF
Anne M. Blackburn 281-309
Conditioned Arising Evolves: Variation and Change in Textual Accounts of the Paṭicca-samuppāda Doctrine PDF
Roderick S. Bucknell 311-342
A Search for Mahāyāna in Sri Lanka PDF
Mahinda Deegalle 343-357
Marginal Notes on a Study of Buddhism, Economy and Society in China PDF
Jonathan A. Silk 359-396
Introduction PDF
Donald K. Swearer 397-399
Buddhist Studies in Germany and Austria 1971-1996. With a contribution on East Asian Buddhism by Michael Friedrich PDF
Eli Franco 401-456
Coming of age: Buddhist Studies in the United States from 1972 to 1997 PDF
Frank E. Reynolds 457-483

ISSN: 0193-600X