Buddhist Nuns (24/2, 2001)

Table of Contents


Eṣā agrā; Images of Nuns in (Mūla-)Sarvāstivādin Literature PDF
Peter Skilling 135-156
The Life of dGe slong ma dPal mo: The Experience of a Leper, Founder of a Fasting Ritual, a Transmitter of Buddhist Teachings on Suffering and Renunciation in Tibetan Religious History PDF
Ivette M. Vargas-O'Brian 157-185
What Makes a Nun? Apprenticeship and Ritual Passage in Zanskar, North India PDF
Kim Gutschow 187-215
The Fincances of a Twentieth Century Buddhist Mission: Building Support for the Theravāda Nuns' Order of Nepal PDF
Sarah Le Vine 217-239
Nuns, Laywoman, Donors, Goddesses. Female Roles in Early Indian Buddhism PDF
Peter Skilling 241-274
Chinese Nuns and their Ordination in Fifth Century China PDF
Ann Heirman 275-304

ISSN: 0193-600X