Buddhist Histories (25/1-2, 2002)

Table of Contents


On an Alleged Reference to Amitābha in a Kharoṣṭhī Inscription on a Gandhārian Relief PDF
Richard Salomon, Gregory Schopen 3-31
Śarīra and Scepter. Empress Wu's Political Use of Buddhist Relics PDF
Jinhua Chen 33-150
Transformative History. Nihon Ryōiki and Jinakālamālīpakaraṇam PDF
Justin T. McDaniel 151-207
Nāgārjuna and the Ratnāvalī. New Ways to Date an Old Philosopher PDF
Joseph Walser 209-262
Enacting Words. A Diplomatic Analysis of the Imperial Decrees (bkas bcad) and their Application in the sGra sbyor bam po gñis pa Tradition PDF
Cristina A. Scherrer-Schaub 263-340

ISSN: 0193-600X