JIABS 26/1 (2003)

Table of Contents


In Memoriam Professor Akira Hirakawa PDF
Kotatsu Fujita 3-7
Relying on the Dharma and not the Person: Reflections on authority and Transmission in Buddhism and Buddhist Studies PDF
Paul M. Harrison 9-24
Gleanings from a Comparative Reading of Early Canonical Buddhist and Jaina Texts PDF
Colette Caillat 25-50
Thinking through Shingon Ritual PDF
Robert H. Sharf 51-96
On the Nikāya Affiliation of the Śrīghanācārasaṅgraha and the Sphuṭārthā Śrīghanācarasaṅgrahaṭīkā PDF
Giulio Agostini 97-114
Can all Beings Potentially Attain Awakening? Gotra-theory in the Mahāyānasūtrālaṃkāra PDF
Mario D'Amato 115-138
Candrakīrti on Dignāga on Svalakṣaṇas PDF
Dan Arnold 139-174
Structural Analysis of the bSam gtan mig sgron. A Comparison of the Fourfold Correct Practice in the Āryāvikalpapraveśanāmadhāraṇī and the Contents of the four Main Chapters of the bSam gtan mig sgron PDF
Carmen Meinert 175-195