JIABS 28/2 (2005[2008])

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Anne M. Blackburn 235-240
Training monks or men: Theravada monastic education, subnationalism and the national Sangha of China PDF
Thomas A. Borchert 241-272
Where do commentarial schools come from? Reflections on the history of Tibetan scholasticism PDF
Georges Dreyfus 273-297
The art of reading and teaching Dhammapadas: reform, texts, contexts in Thai Buddhist history PDF
Justin T. McDaniel 299-337
"Texts memorized, texts performed: a reconsideration of the role of paritta in Sri Lankan monastic education" PDF
Jeffrey Samuels 339-367
The vagrant poet and the reluctant scholar: a study of the balance of iconoclasm and civility in the biographical accounts of two founders of the 'Brug pa 'bKa brgyud lineages PDF
W. Blythe Miller 369-410
Materials for a Mādhyamika critique of foundationalism: an annotated translation of Prasannapadā 55.11 to 77.13 PDF
Dan Arnold 411-467
Book review: John S. Strong, Relics of the Buddha. Buddhisms: A Princeton University Press Series. Princeton University Press. Princeton and Oxford 2004. ISBN 0-691-11764-0. PDF
Richard Salomon 469-472
Report on the XIVth conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies PDF
Tom J.F. Tillemans 473-476

ISSN: 0193-600X