JIABS 29/1 (2006[2008])

Table of Contents

Presidential Address

Between translation and interpretation – Cases in the Chinese Tripiṭaka – (Presidential address at the XIVth Conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, London, August 29 – September 3, 2005) PDF
Jikido Takasaki 3-20


Crossing thousands of Li of waves: The return of China's lost Tiantai texts PDF
Ben Brose 21-62
Syncretism reconsidered: The Four Eminent Monks and their syncretistic styles PDF
William Chu 63-86
The Mongolian Big Dipper Sūtra PDF
Johan Elverskog 87-123
Fasting Buddhas, Lalitavistara, and Karuṇāpuṇḍarīka PDF
Juhyung Rhi 125-153
The Bhikkhunī-ordination controversy in Thailand PDF
Martin Seeger 155-183

ISSN: 0193-600X