JIABS 30/1-2 (2007[2009])

Table of Contents


In memoriam, Colette Caillat (15 Jan. 1921 - 15 Jan. 2007) PDF
Georges-Jean Pinault 3-11
In memoriam, Nino Forte (6 Aug. 1940 - 22 July 2006 PDF
Hubert Durt 13-15
Antonino Forte - List of Publications PDF
Erika Forte 17-31


The formulation of introductory topics and the writing of exegesis in Chinese Buddhism PDF
Tao Jin 33-79
The ritual of arhat invitation during the Song Dynasty: Why did Mahāyānists venerate the arhat? PDF
Ryan Bongseok Joo 81-116
Object of cognition in Dignāga's Ālambanaparīkṣāvṛtti: On the controversial passages in Paramārtha's and Xuanzang's translations PDF
Chen-Kuo Lin 117-138
Creative ignorance: Nāgārjuna on the ontological significance of consciousness PDF
Eviatar Shulman 139-173
The prayer, the priest and the Tsenpo: An early Buddhist narrative from Dunhuang PDF
Sam van Schaik, Lewis Doney 175-217
The origin of the term 'Mahāyāna' (The Great Vehicle) and its relationship to the Āgamas PDF
Joseph Walser 219-250

Buddhist Studies in North America - Contributions to a panel at the XVth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Atlanta, 23-28 June 2008

North American Buddhist Studies: A current survey of the field PDF
Charles S. Prebish 253-282
The changing field of Buddhist Studies in North America PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón 283-298
The disciplines of Buddhist Studies - Notes on religious commitment as boundary-marker PDF
Oliver Freiberger 299-318
Studying Buddhism as if it were not one more among the religions PDF
Luis O. Gómez 319-343

ISSN: 0193-600X