JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010])

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Table of Contents


In memoriam, Ji Xianlin (6. August 1911 – 11. Juli 2009) PDF
Hu Haiyan von Hinüber 5-9


The silent saṃgha: Some observations on mute sheep monks
James A. Benn 11-38
Ignorance, epistemology and soteriology – Part I
Vincent Eltschinger 39-83
Eating letters in the Tibetan treasure tradition
Frances Garrett 85-113
“This inferior female body:” Reflections on life as a Tibetan visionary through the autobiographical eyes of Se ra mkha’ ’gro (bde ba’i rdo rje, 1892–1940)
Sarah H. Jacoby 115-150
Āryadeva’s gradual stages: Their transmission from India to Tibet
Andrew McGarrity 151-213
Interpreting the tantras: A Tibetan debate on the numbers of adepts admissible to tantric consecration
Jan-Ulrich Sobisch 213-234

Tibetan scholasticism in the 11th and 12th centuries Contributions to a panel at the XVth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Atlanta, 23–28 June 2008

Introduction – Unearthing the foundations of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy
Pascale Hugon, Kevin Vose 237-248
rṄog Blo ldan śes rab’s position on the Buddha-nature doctrine and its influence on the early gSaṅ phu tradition
Kazuo Kano 249-283
Making and remaking the ultimate in early Tibetan readings of Śāntideva
Kevin Vose 285-318
The origin of the theory of definition and its place in Phya pa Chos kyi seṅ ge’s philosophical system
Pascale Hugon 319-368
Phywa pa’s argumentative analogy between factive assessment (yid dpyod) and conceptual thought (rtog pa)
Jonathan Stoltz 369-386
Pa tshab and the origin of Prāsaṅgika
Georges Dreyfus, Drongbu Tsering 387-417
In pursuit of transparent means of knowledge – The Madhyamaka project of rMa bya Byaṅ chub brtson ʼgrus
Thomas Doctor 419-441
Źaṅ Thaṅ sag pa on theses (dam bcaʼ, pratijñā) in Madhyamaka thought
Chizuko Yoshimizu 443-467
Roṅ zom Chos bzaṅ on Mahāyoga and Madhyamaka
Heidi Köppl 469-481

ISSN: 0193-600X