JIABS 33/1-2 2010[2011]

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Table of Contents


The timing of Yogācāra resurgence in the Ming dynasty (1368–1643) PDF
William Chu 5-25
Ignorance, epistemology and soteriology - Part II PDF
Vincent Eltschinger 27-74
Tall tales, tathāgatas and truth - on the "privileged lie" in Indian Buddhist literature PDF
Richard F. Nance 75-101
The ātman and its negation - a conceptual and chronological analysis of early Buddhist thought PDF
Alexander Wynne 103-171

Indian Buddhist metaethics

An analysis of factors related to the kusala/akusala quality of actions in the Pāli tradition PDF
Peter Harvey 175-209
Value pluralism in early Buddhist ethics PDF
Abraham Vélez de Cea 211-237
No self, no free will, no problem - Implications of the Anattalakkhaṇa Sutta for a perennial philosophical issue PDF
Martin T. Adam 239-265
Buddhist methaetics PDF
Bronwyn Finnigan 267-297
On the auspiciousness of compassionate violence PDF
Stephen Jenkins 299-331
What is it like to be a bodhisattva? Moral phenomenology in Śāntideva’s Bodhicaryāvatāra PDF
Jay L. Garfield 333-357
Madhyamaka Buddhist ethics PDF
Tom J. F. Tillemans 359-378

Miracles and superhuman powers in South and Southeast Asian Buddhist traditions

Miracles in Indian Buddhist narratives and doctrine PDF
David V. Fiordalis 381-408
The higher knowledges in the Pāli Nikāyas and Vinaya PDF
Bradley S. Clough 409-433
Priming the lamp of dhamma - The Buddha’s miracles in the Pāli Mahāvaṃsa PDF
Kristin Scheible 435-451
On saints and wizards - Ideals of human perfection and power in contemporary Burmese Buddhism PDF
Patrick Pranke 453-488
Buddhism, miraculous powers, and gender - Rethinking the stories of Theravāda nuns PDF
Rachelle M. Scott 489-511
On Buddhist wonders and wonder-working PDF
Luis O. Gómez 513-554

ISSN: 0193-600X