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 In a Ubisoft Forums' thread on "Religion in Assassin's Creed" a participant called TJByrum2 wrote the following passage starting the thread: "Assassin's Creed has lots of references to religion and the Gods. Well, even though I am not very religious myself, I just love to hear about it, see it, experience it." In order to celebrate the complete redesign of Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet we decided to dedicate this first special issue to a subject which is both highly relevant and mostly neglected by Cultural and Religious Studies: “Religion in Digital Games“!


Our editorial team was able to assemble articles by authors from many different disciplines and we are proud to present you with a truly interdisciplinary and multiperspective compilation which hopefully will encourage further academic research on the topic. So I am very pleased to announce the new issue of our journal. And I am pretty sure this only will be the first of many equally scientifically challenging issues of our journal in the near future.

I wish you an enjoyable read!

Gregor Ahn (editor in chief)


Vol 5 (2014): Religion in Digital Games. Multiperspective and Interdisciplinary Approaches

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