Hindu Embodiment and the Internet

Heinz Scheifinger


Hinduism is a fully embodied religion yet it is being practised in cyberspace where a degree of disembodiment occurs. In this article I consider the nature of the body in Hinduism and discuss this in the light of Hindu religious activity online. The lack of full embodiment online suggests that widespread Hindu online activity is unsuited to cyberspace. However, an investigation of the Hindu puja ceremony and its online manifestation indicates that an important aspect of embodiment remains when an individual performs the ceremony online. Furthermore, as a result of the Hindu belief that mind and the physical external body are inextricably related, cyberspace proves to be a highly suitable environment for the carrying out of the Hindu puja ceremony.


senses , internet , religious practice , Hinduism

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11588/rel.2010.1.9392