No 1 (2011)

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Issue 2011/1 HTML PDF
Monica Juneja 2-3


China “Asleep” and “Awakening.” A Study in Conceptualizing Asymmetry and Coping with It. HTML PDF
Rudolf G. Wagner 4-139

Series on Multi-Centred Modernisms

The Buddha of Kamakura and the “Modernization” of Buddhist Statuary in the Meiji Period HTML PDF
Hiroyuki Suzuki 140-158


Atsushi Shibasaki: Tomonaga Sanjūrō’s Epistemology of International Relations: The “Self-State-International Relations” Proto-Paradigm in Modern Japan. HTML PDF
Gaynor Sekimori 159-187

Themed Section: Byzantium Beyond its Eastern Borders

Imaging Byzantium and Asia - An Introduction. HTML PDF
Christine Stephan-Kaissis 188-192
The World According to Cosmas Indicopleustes – Concepts and Illustrations of an Alexandrian Merchant and Monk HTML PDF
Stefan Alfred Faller 193-232
Searching for Mani's Picture Book in Textual and Pictorial Sources HTML PDF
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi 233-262
The Image of the Buddha: Buddha Icons and Aniconic Traditions in India and China HTML PDF
Claudia Wenzel 263-305

ISSN: 2191-6411