No 2 (2011)

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Issue 2011/2 HTML PDF
Rudolf G. Wagner 4-5


Krishna and the Plaster Cast. Translating the Cambodian Temple of Angkor Wat in the French Colonial Period HTML PDF
Michael Falser 6-50
The Korean Images of Tibet and Sirhak Scholars: the Plurality of Truths? In Relation to the Issue of the Epistemological Shift in Eighteenth-Century Korea HTML PDF
Vladimir Tikhonov 51-65

Series on Multi-Centred Modernisms

‘China’ on Display for European Audiences? The Making of an Early Travelling Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art: China Avantgarde (Berlin/1993) HTML PDF
Franziska Koch 66-139

Themed Section: The Transcultural Travels of Trends

The Transcultural Travels of Trends. An Introductory Essay HTML PDF
Jennifer Elisabeth Altehenger, Laila Abu-Er-Rub, Sebastian Gehrig 140-163
Imagining Transcultural Fandom: Animation and Global Media Communities HTML PDF
Sandra Annett 164-188
(Re-)Configuring Mao: Trajectories of a Culturo-Political Trend in West Germany HTML PDF
Sebastian Gehrig 189-231
Coffee, Fast Food, and the Desire for Romantic Love in Contemporary China: Branding and Marketing Trends in Popular Chinese-Language Literature HTML PDF
Lena Henningsen 232-270

ISSN: 2191-6411