No 1 (2012)

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Editor's Note

Issue 2012/1 HTML PDF
Rudolf Wagner 4-5
On the Occasion of the Editor's 70th Birthday HTML PDF
Monica Juneja 6


Performing the Practice Turn in Archaeology HTML PDF
Philipp W. Stockhammer 7-42
The Legal Adaptation of British Settlers in Turkey HTML PDF
Derya Bayır, Prakash Shah 43-76
Ship Newspapers and Passenger Life Aboard Transoceanic Steamships in the Late Nineteenth Century HTML PDF
Roland Wenzlhuemer, Michael Offermann 77-121

Series on Multi-Centred Modernisms

Instituting Artists’ Collectives: the Bangalore/Bengaluru Experiments with “Solidarity Economies” HTML PDF
Shukla Sawant 122-149
The Multi-centered Modernities of Hokusai’s “Under the Wave off Kanagawa” mp3 HTML PDF
Christine Guth 150

ISSN: 2191-6411