Cucutenian body ornamenting items: from the raw materials perspective

  • Senica Țurcanu (Author)

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The paper provides a systematization of the types of the raw materials known and/or processed by the Cucutenian communities for obtaining the body ornamenting items. The main research directions that can be followed by the analysis of the body ornamenting items from the perspective of the raw materials they are also pointed out. In this regard, the paper tackles problems pertaining to the provision of raw materials and exchange relations, to paleotechnology and the level of technical knowledge as reflected by these artifacts. On the same line, the symbolic valences of these items are also pointed out (both as separate items and as assembled items), pointing out various aspects such as typology, intrinsic value of the artifacts, including the complex symbolism of colors and the usage of fruits and seeds of certain plants as body ornamenting items probably due to their medical or magical properties.

Keywords: Chalcolithic, Cucuteni-Tripolye cultural complex, body ornamenting items, raw materials.