The Christian basilica of Ibida. Elements of interior decoration

  • Dorel Paraschiv (Author)
  • Ioan Iaţcu (Author)

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There are very few details known about the christian basilica within the large fortified Late Roman town of Ibida (6th century AD). In the course of time, the few archaeological excavations carried out, as well as a series of random finds, uncovered a varied range of decorative marble elements. These finds are structural elements (bases, columns and capitals) as well as pieces of liturgical apparatus (pilasters, small columns and finials of the chancel bannister). The pieces were manufactured from the best material available, Proconnesus and Aphrodisias marble. The range of decorative motifs of the finds is limited to crosses and vegetal decoration (acanthus leaves), very simplified and schematic. The occurrence of such marble pieces at the site of Ibida, proves the inclusion of this religious edifice in the wide beautification program attributed to the reign of Justinian I, which was implemented on the whole territory of the Scythia Province.

Keywords: Scythia, basilica, marble, capitals.