Two medieval axes discovered at Tulucesti (Galaţi County)

  • Costin Croitoru (Author)
  • Gabriela Apostu (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


In this short presentation we discuss two iron axes spotted on a school “museum corner”. The artifacts refer to have been discovered accidentally, most probably in isolation, in the Tuluceşti village area, hence they lack any archaeological context. The only reference point we have concerns their identification in the old village Vorniceni, north from Tuluceşti, towards Tătarca. They have not been associated with other archaeological material. We do not know whether they were found in the same place. The first one is an iron hammer-axe with narrow elongated body, a semicircular blade which is edged on both sides, well profiled, spread out almost symmetrically from the body. The second iron axe has a triangular body in longitudinal profile, a narrow blade, asymmetrical for the longitudinal axis, broadens towards the curved cutting edge, executed on both sides.

Keywords: medieval, archaeological findings, iron axes, fortuitous discoveries, tool, weapon, Tuluceşti, Prut River, Moldavia.