Autentificarea a două brăţări antice implicând tehnica SEM-EDX

  • Virgil Mihailescu-Bîrliba (Author)
  • Stela Cheptea (Author)
  • Ion Sandu (Author)
  • Viorica Vasilache (Author)

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During archaeological excavations we uncovered two bracelets from the fourth century AD. The first one is of iron and was found in the necropolis of Branişte (Nemţişor village, Vânători-Neamţ commune, Neamţ County), belongs to the Carpathian Tumuli Culture. The second bracelet is of bronze and was found in Hârlău (Iaşi county), the Culture Sântana de Mureş – Černjachow habitation level. These bracelets were studied by the SEM-EDX technique, which allowed identification of the chemical elements in the patina and of the base alloy from the contaminated or alloy. The two bracelets, somewhat similar structural-functionally and as dimensions and the material came from areas very close to each other (Central Europe and possibly Altântepe-Dobrudja?), but from different ores.

Keywords: bracelet, necropolis, burial tumulus, Carpathian Tumuli Culture, Sântana de Mureş – Černjachow Culture.