Contribuţii la iconografia Cavalerilor danubieni în Dobrogea (II)

  • Constantin Iconomu (Author)
  • Costel Chiriac (Author)

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Contributions to the Iconography of the Danubian Riders in Dobrodja (II)

We describe another fragmentary tabiet discovered in the village of Dunăreni, (Aliman, Constanţa County). The fragmentary lead tabiet preserves the left vertical third. The tabiet, which has the appearance of an aedicula, has its images represented on three registers. In the superior register there is a fronton in which one can hardly identify an eagle. To the left, the winged goddess Nik£ can be seen, holding in her hand a crown which has in front of it a star with rays. In the medium register a Danubian Rider is represented with a Phrygian hat add a double axe in his hand. Under the feet of his horse there is a defeated enemy who raises his right hand to implore pity. Behind the rider there is a snake in vertical position and a little upper there is the bust of the god Sol. The lower register contaihs a temple and three characters directed towards it. The tabiet belongs to the type with the representation of the Goddess and of the two Danubian Riders and is dated in the second half of the third century AD and the beginning of the fourth century AD. This piece, through the representations from the lower register, proves for the first time the fact that the cult of the Danubian Riders was practiced in temples.