Un disc ornamental din ceramică de la Ţuţora şi semnificaţia sa

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An Ornamental Ceramic Disk from Ţuţora and its Significance

The author presents an ornamental ceramic disk used for the decoration of the external architectural spaces specific for the masonry-constructions in the medieval Moldavia (the 14th – 17th ). The piece was discovered in the vecinity of the village Ţuţora (Iaşi county) around the place named “Corn lui Bogdan”. Here, on the ground, a lot of archaeological remains have been discovered over the years. They belong to the medieval town of Ţuţora - today village. The ceramic disk is ornated with some heraldic elements of the Moldavian arms. The significance of the disk consists in the fact that it is a testimony for the religious or civil masonry-constructions în medieval Ţuţora in the 16,h c., which otherwise could not be observed.