Sigilii dobrogene inedite. III

  • Costel Chiriac (Author)
  • Lucian Munteanu (Author)

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Inedited Dobruja Seals. III

We continue the regular publishing of the sealings found in Dobruja, by presenting several civic and provincial sealings. Based on the sealings legends, we were able to identify the names of the following cities from Asia Minor: Dios Hieron, Ephesos, Hypaipa, Klazomenai and Tralleis. One sealing bear the name of Pamphylia province. We believe that the commercial sealings discovered in the Lower Danube area attest to the trading of goods imported from Asia Minor, in order to maintain the logistics of the Roman army stationed along the Danube during the Gothic war under the emperor Valens (366-369 CE).

Keywords: sealings, commerce, Dobruja, Asia Minor, Gothic war.

Continuăm publicarea sigiliilor descoperite pe teritoriul Dobrogei, prin prezentarea unor piese inedite, aflate în diverse colecţii publice şi private din România şi din Bulgaria. Toate descoperirile pe care le facem cunoscute în lucrarea de faţă aparţin unei singure categorii, cea a sigiliilor comerciale civice şi provinciale.