Descoperiri monetare din Moldova. VII

  • Lucian Munteanu (Author)
  • Sever-Petru Boţan (Author)
  • Aurora-Emilia Apostu (Author)

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Monetary Finds from Moldavia. VII

We continue the regular publishing of the coins found in Moldova, by presenting several recently found ancient coins from the collection of the Museum in Vrancea (Focsani). The coins were discovered in the following locations: I. Cândesti (Dumbrăveni commune, Vrancea county) (2 AR Dyrrhachium, 1st century BC); II. Focsani (Vrancea county) (hoard; recovered 31 AR, dated from Elagabalus to Volusianus); III. Olăreni (Slobozia Bradului commune, Vrancea county) (hoard; recovered 6 AR dated from Marcus Antonius to Marcus Aurelius and 1 AE - Constantinopolis type); IV. Repedea (Străoane commune, Vrancea county) (hoard; recovered 4 AR, dated from M. Papirius Carbo to Ulpia Severina). In regards to the last two hoards we have serious doubts that the most recent coins (Cat. III/7 and IV/4) actually belong to the initial findings.

Keywords: coin finds, Moldova, Museum of Vrancea, Roman coins.