The Cucuteni A3 site from Dobrovăţ – Pădurea Buda. 2019 Research

  • Cornelia-Magda Lazarovici (Author)
  • Gheorghe Lazarovici (Author)
  • Lăcrămioara Stratulat (Author)
  • Senica Ţurcanu (Author)
  • Alexandru Berzovan (Author)
  • Mircea Oancă (Author)
  • Adela Kovács (Author)
  • Cristian Oprean (Author)
  • Wen Chenghao (Author)
  • Guo Zhiwei (Author)
  • Wu Jintao (Author)
  • Hou Xinjia (Author)
  • Carsten Mischka (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


The A3 Cucuteni site from Dobrovăţ – Pădurea Buda/Buda Forest was discovered in 2016, by local Cornel Iascu and Alexandru Berzovan. In 2017 a magnetic prospection of the site (Carsten Mischka), which together with the LIDAR exploration offered information regarding the real dimensions of the site and of the constructions that are present in the investigated zone (9 constructions, one defense moat, palisade and other constructions with undetermined functions). In 2019, the first explorations to determine the magnetic anomalies were conducted. The research targeted two housing units, L3 and L4. The L4 was partially researched, resulting several rooms and interior amenities (altar, bed attached to the corridor separating two rooms) and annexes. The structures of walls and floors of L4 were investigated, as well as part of the pits related to the structure of resistance of the house. Between the two houses were found debris from another house, L10. At the same time, ceramics were analyzed statistically, as were the faunal remains discovered. Along with the typical ceramics for Cucuteni A3, ceramic fragments of the type Cucuteni C and Precucuteni III were also discovered. The study represents the current state of research.

Keywords: Cucuteni culture; A3 phase; Dobrovăţ-Pădurea Buda; houses; structure of the architecture.