Soldaţii uitaţi din curtea Casei Pogor. Contribuții arheologice la studierea istoriei contemporane a orașului Iași

  • Sever-Petru Boțan (Author)
  • Ludmila Bacumenco-Pîrnău (Author)
  • Angela Simalcsik (Author)
  • Robert Daniel Simalcsik (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


The archaeological excavations undertaken by the members of the Institute of Archaeology in Iași, in the courtyard of the famous Pogor House, brought to light several human remains and other archaeological artifacts belonging to the soviet soldiers, that were buried there after the end of World War II. The Soviet cemetery from Pogor House was dismantled in 1992, the remains being moved to the Eternitatea Cemetery. Nevertheless, the remains of 11 individuals along with some personal items (belt buckles, buttons, a pocket knife, a small cap star), were discovered in a common grave. The anthropological analysis revealed the approximate age of the individuals and the multiple trauma related to their violent death in combat, perhaps in the fierce fights that took place around Jassy în 1944.

Keywords: Soviet soldiers; World War II; human remains; Pogor House cemetery.