The Museums of Egypt Speak for Whom?

  • Mohamed Gamal Rashed (Author)

    MOHAMED GAMAL RASHED obtained his doctorate in Egyptology from Cairo University in 2010, receiving two post‐doctoral awards, one in Museum Studies from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Institute of Fine Arts‐New York University in 2012, and one in Egyptology from the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, in 2013. Rashed is a lecturer in Egyptology at Damietta University and a board member of ICOM‐CIPEG. He is also curator and former head of the Archaeological Research and Permanent Display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the former director of the Museum Exhibitions department at the Grand Egyptian Museum, Egypt.

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The article discusses the barriers to the broader accessibility of museums in Egypt, in the context of the history of museums in Egypt, their perspectives, current missions, and policies. It also discusses the needs of Egyptian society in regards to museums, their expectations and interests, and how museums can be proactive in their role towards the local communities. It also discusses the desirability of establishing new types of museums which can better meet the needs of the Egyptians, in encouraging them to be today's museum visitors and tomorrow's museum's advocates. It notes that the responsible bodies in the Egyptian government, public organizations and museums should reconsider their future plans in order to meet the expectations of the Egyptian society.