The Organization of Knowledge on Egyptological Cultural Landscapes in the Collections of Serbian Academic Libraries

  • Vesna Župan (Author)

    VESNA ŽUPAN completed her studies at the University of Belgrade with a Master of Science degree in Economics in 1994. Župan has worked as an academic librarian since 1992 and in 2004 she became an informator‐adviser. She was elected a collaborator of the Scientific Society of Economists at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in 2009.

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This paper concerns the opportunities that COBISS (Cooperative Online Bibliographic information System and Services) gives to users in the domain of Egyptian cultural landscapes. The collections of Serbian academic librarianship are taken into consideration through the use of the e‐catalogue of the central library of the University of Belgrade as well as by that of the cumulative e‐catalogue COBIB.SR. The opportunities offered by the interlibrary loan service which exists between the Svetozar Marković University Library in Belgrade and libraries abroad is emphasized in this paper.