The Canopic Jar Project: Interdisciplinary Analysis of Ancient Mummified Viscera

  • Francesco M. Galassi (Author)
  • Michael E. Habicht (Author)
  • Abigail Bouwman (Author)
  • Frank J. Rühli (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


In this paper we present the rationale and ramifications of our current multidisciplinary research project on Egyptian canopic jars, aimed at discovering the antiquity of pathological processes localised at visceral level. The project includes select Egyptian mummies in addition to mummified viscera. To achieve this goal, we are using a wide range of investigative methods, from Egyptological studies to ancient DNA analysis. The major findings of the study of the mummies of Kha and Meryet and the mummified legs of Queen Nefertari (Turin Egyptian Museum) are presented here. Our
research has also taken a palaeo‐chronological course, leading us to implement a major reassessment of Egyptian mummies and epochs.