Towards an Intelligent Framework for Personalized Simulation-enhanced Surgery Assistance: Linking a Simulation Ontology to a Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Calibration of Numerical Simulations

Nicolai Schoch, Vincent Heuveline


Evolving our previous research results in the context of cognition-guidance and patient-specifity for simulation-enhanced cardiac surgery assistance, in this work we further investigate on (1) a machine learning framework which allows to patient-individually calibrate soft tissue material parameters for subsequent simulation, and (2) a profound knowledge management framework which may enhance the ontology-driven overall setup of the cognition-guided surgery simulation in a clinic environment. Rather than being a closed research work with an in-depth theory backup and a complete evaluation, we here present a technical report and some interesting experimental works that are to serve for further research and development.


Simulation Calibration; Parameter Identification; Personalized Numerical Simulation; Machine Learning; Reinforcement Learning; Knowledge Modeling; Simulation Ontology

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